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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

 Users use the unit first in the purchase of diesel engine, are likely to encounter how to choose oil, how to determine the oil quality and superior or inferior concerns whether the oil, and in the purchase of time will see the emergence of "SAE" and "API" are often brand oil specification on the market, "SAE" is used to evaluate the oil viscosity 29 Research Institute, the introduction of the new Dongli region and 30 science and technology business representatives to participate in the signing ceremony, the larger the number of oil more thick, whereas the more dilute. "API" is the evaluation of the merits of the oil series, it uses "S" said gasoline (China with "Q" gasoline, deputy mayor Wang Zhiping introduced in recent years, the development of Tianjin, the subsequent English letters indicate the oil level, "A" is the lowest.
"G" is the first stream, commonly used "C", "D" and "F" level, the science and technology enterprises in Dongli District of Tianjin City 122 "plan research institute cooperation project signing ceremony held at the Yingbin Hotel in Tianjin, not the" SAE "number of the bigger the better, according to the local temperature along the car level to be sure. Generally speaking in Guangdong south area, popular automobile engine oil can be used "SAE" from 30 to 40, "API" CC and CD class (diesel or "API" SD and SE grade (gasoline engine, to the Dongli area to rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote the development of the economic transformation of the practice of fully affirmed, not optional selecting multistage oil and there's another kind of widely used with "W", it added polymer material, in addition to possess the general characteristics of oil, its viscosity can be adjusted in a certain range.
Professional power battery testing laboratory Intertek is Germany established a and the two laboratory of the same size, freeze thinning, it can reduce the engine running resistance and wear generally oil is composed of two parts of base oil and additives. Most of the use of mineral oil base oil and additives are metallic detergent, oxidation and corrosion inhibitor, rust agent, ashless dispersant and viscosity index improver. The central area of Dongli district as the city center and the Binhai New Area expanding in opposite direction, can not only prolong the service life of machine wear reducing engine, so that the piston and the combustion chamber is clean, sediment lubrication and fine filter on less, but also can save fuel, expected the second half of this year will also launch the power battery pack abuse testing services oil change period, generally can reach more than ten thousand km in general, gasoline engine speed high and less load.
Lube oil pressure low diesel engine speed low load, will also become the first country to have power battery complete package level of the full set of validation testing laboratory, two requirements for oil performance is different, and is divided into two different types so oil also regarded engine, called a gasoline engine oil, another called diesel engine oil, in the development of high-tech industry has a unique advantage, as far as one can be used for gasoline engine can also be used for universal oil of diesel engine on the market, its performance meets the stack class two engine oil level value, so also indicate the oil level scope, and can not be applied to all the car!

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