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Fujian Top Industrial Co.,LTD

Office address: Waitan Plaza Jiangbin Road, Fuzhou, Fujian , China


   1. Our company has a complete after sale service system, capable of after sale service personnel, all customer service service personnel have many years of factory actual manufacturing and various fault processing of field experience, accomplish "small problems do not disassemble, big problem does not return factory" as far as possible to shorten the equipment maintenance time, users will minimize the loss. 
  2. We guarantee under the contract for goods are brand new, unused, no defects in design, materials or workmanship of all the goods, and provide goods to provide a quality guarantee period. 
  3. The quality guarantee period: our party to provide the equipment warranty, the warranty period is transported to the site of the project and the product after 12 months after acceptance. 
  4. Our 24 hour hotline technical support for quality problems put forward by user. Email:Yue@cntopenergy.com
  5. Equipment repair: in the warranty period, in equipment repair period, we provide alternative equipment to you, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system. 
  6. Cargo transportation insurance: borne by my side to be responsible. 
  7. Due to quality problems of goods disputes, by your place province quality inspection departments to carry out the quality of identification. The appraisal conclusion is final, both parties shall accept the goods meet the quality standard: the identification of your expense; goods does not conform to the quality standards, identification of our expense. 
 8. Technical training: we are responsible to provide technical training for your technical staff, the concrete content includes, related product knowledge, product technical performance using points, on-site maintenance skills and fan maintenance. The training includes provided technical performance, equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance methods and all other content, and puts forward the detailed suggestions on the training content and curriculum. 
  9. Can according to your requirements, to the site survey data, put forward to the field devices and device improvements: determine the installation scheme of the system, equipment and environmental protection engineering. 
  10. Provide a complete set of operating instructions and maintenance documents. 
  11. Providing after-sales service support. 
  12. After the warranty expires 10 years I will ensure that the equipment accessories supply at preferential prices, not by the equipment modification causes the lack of maintenance equipment and accessories not phenomenon.