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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

Full automatic diesel generating sets usually choose the good performance of the diesel engine and of good quality of generators as ancillary products, market share in the application of sustained growth, is the product of generating units of the broad masses of customers. Therefore, to the vast number of users to Ruikang generator automatic unit configuration and operation application given the results in terms of introduction.
Full automatic diesel generating set configuration:
1, supply mode for electronic speed or electronic injection diesel engine, the general choice of Cummings, Volvo, Doosan brand diesel engine;
AC generator 2, with permanent magnet machine, the general choice of Standford Cummings Chinese generator generator technology limited production;
3, with LCD data interface of the control system, the general choice of trimaran, Kaixun electronic controller or deep-sea controller;
Double power supply switching system 4, interlocking mechanism is excellent, the general use of CHINT electric appliances, people electrical appliance companies such as products;
By 5, electrical accessories, electrical products, general Feinikesi CHINT, Delixi, Tianzheng etc of the company;
6, complete the chassis is generally equipped with 8 hours of base mailbox, and equipped with oil level sensor.
Application of full automatic diesel generating set:
Full automatic diesel generating sets are generally used in the special requirements on power demand units, automatic generating set selection generally have a self opening and self stopping three remote function, with voltage and current, power, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the acquisition function, is relatively reliable backup power supply.
1, a fully automated generating units and the grid power used alternately, the diesel generator set to automatic mode, and to start battery assisted with continuous charging, to ensure that the city electricity power can timely start.
2, two sets of automatic diesel generating set used alternately, run time setting of one unit, and set the master standby unit, when to run time, automatic start another generating units, and alternate operation.
3, when the multi Taiwan automatic generating set parallel operation and the city electrical alternans running when the city electricity power, start the automatic delay generator, a warm current generator when the machine is running, the automatic start generators under a table, when running the success of all generating units, automatic reclosing and automatic parallel operation.
4, automatic generating set of environmental factors and mechanical properties of relatively high, in the construction of computer room must be necessary design according to the parameters of turbine was.

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