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Strive culture, emphasizing the internal company close solidarity, mutual help, all staff be of one heart and one mind emphasizing respect for the value of employees, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, initiative and creativity, the construction of dynamic Top Industrial
Excellence culture, enterprises have a patriotic heart, employee self-motivated, sincerity, striving for the top, the construction and development of China's.

Top Industrial vision 
Become the international first-class enterprise 
enterprise vision is the vision of a better future condition of the enterprise, is the enterprise to the pursuit of the ideals and aspirations. "To become the international first-class enterprise" refers to China is to persevere through the efforts, gradually from the domestic leading become a large-scale development, benefit is good, high brand awareness of the international first-class enterprise.

Industry and the scale of 
Focus on the field of power generation, become a leader in the domestic power industry. Multinational operation, become the international first-class energy enterprises.

Image with international competitiveness, profitability and strong first-class first-class customer satisfaction, become to electric power generation, large-scale, scientific management, strong and sustainable development of modern Enterprise Inc. 
Large enterprises with mature and responsible image to win the recognition of the society.

Practical harmonious concentric across 
And pragmatic is honest, practical work, focus time and energy into their work, seek practical results. Harmony is the arms open, friendly attitude, the pursuit of person and person, enterprise and society, enterprise and natural symbiotic win-win, harmonious coexistence. 
Concentric is the consistent aim, thought the same, action synchronization, the collective struggle, have the same values and common behavior criterion. The leap is constantly go beyond the self, beyond the opponent, the pursuit of progress and development. 
Practical harmony embodies China is Chinese employees and too low-key calm attitude, its essence is to keep in mind the mission, through the effective action constantly, realize the common ideal of self talent, benefits the country and the people. 
Concentric across embodies the common struggle, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence. Lts essence is to focus on the big picture, close cooperation, self pressurized, constant pursuit of higher efficiency and better performance, always do the best.