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Wind and Water Turbines Altern


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1 low speed transport out 20Hz - 60Hz

2 Power range: 2.5-1200kw

3 Speed range: 30-3000 rpm

4 Design and produce according to the power, speed, frequency that you need.


(1)Low speed permanent magnet generators, leaving out reduction box, generating high voltage at low speed.

(2)High efficient PM generators, optimal design, compact structure, no carbon brush, no spark, do not need excitation. Protection Class: IP44. Prevent water, mud or dust getting into the generator, long life.

(3)No excitation control box, sample structure, high reliability.

(4)Smaller size, light weight, high energy density, suitable for special situations.

(5)Running effectively in the whole speed range, high generating efficiency.

(6)Using embedded type rare-earth magnet steel, suitable for bumping, reduplicate startup, and reversible operation.

(7)Adopting imported oil-contained bearings, maintenance free, high reliability, long life.

(8)The voltage, speed ,power of the generator can be customized. The shape can also be changed, using spine shaft, dual shaft, front edge or other output ways.

You can change the motor voltage, speed, Power and other parameters, the out size of the motor can be also changed. You can use splined shaft, dual shaft, flange and other output styles.


Our company supply variety of permanent magent generators which is suitable for driven by following equipment to 

Driven by Wind Power --------Wind turbine

Driven by Water Power ------- Hydro generator,Tide generator

Driven by Belt with Motors

Driven by Motor

Dirven by perpetual motion machine

Driven by test plant 

Dirven by yourselves creation 

Driven the permanent magnet generator and make it rotate then it can generate power 

Use for marine generation, on grid generator system or off grid independent generator system


Which PM generator/Alternator will I select?

The selection of correct generator for the wind turbine system is very important. You need to know either you will apply the generator for battery charging based system or grid-tied system. Our high voltage versions are suitable for grid tied system while the low voltage versions are suitable for battery charging. It is also possible for us to customize the low voltage version to high voltage version, or the high voltage version to low voltage version, to meet your specific requirements. You also need to check if the rotation speed of our generators meet with your system-wise design. For some of our models, we also have two version's mounting way, either for horziontal or for vertical. You need to clarfiy which type you need when you order the products from us.

Does the PMG run and make power all by itself?

I get this question more that you think. Answer is NO, you need some source of power, like an engine, hydro wheel, wind turbine, etc. This is not a magic device, there are no free lunches in physics. Want the promise of a free lunch? Talk to a politician or find the many scams on the internet that discuss HHO generators and other things designed to remove money from your pocket and give you zero return on your investment.

How much horse power do I need to run the PMG?

This depends on what you expect to get out of it in the way of power, a rule of thumb is two horsepower in for every corrected (honest) 1000 watts out. Be careful what you read on the internet! I have seen a number of claims where people put 3000 watts of lighting on a generator and claim they have a real 3K out and far less horsepower in than 2HP per KW. Always do the math and don't be fooled by those who don't know what they're doing or attempt to deceive you in order to sell you stuff.