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Gas generator set, Gas generator, generator set

1, Natural gas engine:
Using 4Y gasoline and Cummins B series, C series, L series, M series, N series, K series diesel engine for the development of ontology, according to physical characteristics of fuel, heat load of the main parts of re design, such as: cylinder head, piston, piston ring, into the exhaust valve, and gas distribution optimization phase, prolongs the service life of the engine at high load conditions. Is the true sense of the natural gas engine.

2, Precise ignition control:
Electronic control (ECU) sequential ignition system, biogas power generation unit according to the use condition, based on its software real-time calibration, the compilation of load - ignition MAP diagram, precise control of ignition time. Coupled with high energy independent ignition coil, the biogas combustion efficiency, reduce engine exhaust temperature, set good starting performance, stable and reliable, (except 30KW the following units).

3, Special gas regulator:
Speed fluctuation is small, fast transient response, smooth operation, the output of the power supply of high quality, the following unit performance:
Steady state speed regulation is not more than 0.2%
The transient speed adjustment rate less than 4%
Frequency fluctuation rate less than 0.5%
Steady state voltage regulation rate less than 0.3%
Stable time less than 2 seconds

4, Low fuel consumption:
The turbocharged, increase power output by 25% than ordinary units, improving the thermal efficiency of the engine.

5, Waste heat recovery:
Using the Swedish brazing type heat exchanger, the jacket water and flue gas waste heat recovery, can produce 95 degree water, set the total thermal efficiency greater than 85%. (can be designed according to customers specific requirements)

6, Mixer:
Import proportion mixer, automatically maintain the best mixed proportion of natural gas and air.

7, Unit control cabinet:
Modular design, compact structure, simple connection, convenient operation, convenient maintenance. Control panel with 4 rows of ultra wide LCD text display and various protection functions, can realize remote monitoring.

8, Quiet design:
7 meters set noise sound pressure level is less than or equal to 65 dB, as part of the unit is less than 55 db.

9, Technical index:
ISO8528, ISO3046, GB/T2820.5-1997, accord with NEMA/ISO/IEC/CSA standard

10, Safety standards:
NG fuel system through the European ECE R110 certification, UL certification, CE certification
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