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Containerized Generator


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Containerized Generator Set, large power generator, 1875kva generator

Containerized Generator Product details

1. Container with CSC certificate which is conformed to international safety agreement of container. The complete containerized genset can be shipped directly for sea transportation which saves freight cost.

2. The crossbeam of container is made of square steel tube (different from common container) to enhance mechanical strength of container and endure higher shock of impulsive-load from genset.

3. All the hinges, locks and screws are stainless steel. Anti wave and rainproof accessories are fixed inside of the container.

4. Side doors are fixed in both sides of container for easy maintenance and inspection. And one ladder is installed in one side.

5. Container can be opened from both front and back which is easy for daily maintenance and inspection of alternator and engine radiator. The open genset also can be easily removed from front or back side for overhaul.

6. Two flameproof lights are fixed inside of container, and one in control panel for easy maintenance and inspection.

7. Leak fluid collection system for engine is designed at

the bottom of container to avoid the environment pollution.

8. Control panel and switch cabinet are installed on the same side of the container for easy operating and wires connecting.

9. PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) is fixed as standard which improves the starting capability and boosts anti interference of harmonics distortion of alternator.

10. Fuel tank, pipes, oil drain and muffler with special design are well appreciated by customers.

11. High performance soundproof materials are installed inside of container which are flameproof, durable and especially efficient in noise reduction.

Optional parts: Automatic fuel filling pump (or control valve), coolant filling pump, double fuel & water separator, auto synchronizing control system, etc.


Silent generator set 
General specifications of soundproof canopy: 
Modular design 
Anti-corrosion powder coated 
Insulated with acoustic foam lining 
Central lifting ring, exhaust pipe can be removed which is easy for transportation 
Lockable doors with key 
Protective mesh for rotating parts 
Exterior emergency stop push button 
Thermally insulated engine exhaust system 
Panel observing window 
Access to radiator filling or cap 
20', 30' or 40' container canopy is optional 
Color is optional 
Fuel gauge or lube drain valve is optiona

Normal or super soundproof canopy is optional

Base frame fuel tank or profile fuel tank is optional 
The muffler's fixed position depend on the output power of gen-set.


Silent generator set canopy: 
* With special treated steel sheet 
* StaiVess steel locks 
* Control panel viewing window for monitoring the status of the generator set 
* Good ventilation system and anti-heat radiation struction 
* Effective anti-vibration devices to ensure the geneartor set run steadily 
* Super silent materials inside to ensure the noise lower than 68 dB 7 meters away 
* Emergency stop button mounted outside 
* Side lockable door easy for maintenance and installation 
* Lube oil and cooling water drains piped to exterior of the canopy 
* Fuel tank built-in with level gauge 
1. Rated voltage: 400V/230V, 380V/220V, 240V/120V, 220V/110V 
2. Line way: 3 phases & 4 lines 
3. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 
4. Power factor: 0.8 (lagging) 
5. Frequency down (%): ≤ 0.5 
6. Steady voltage windage (%): ≤ ± 1 
7. Instantanous frequency windage (%): (rated power ) +10~ -7 
8. Frequency recovering time (s): ≤ 3 
9. Instantanous voltage windage (%): +20~ -15 
10. Voltage recovering time (S): ≤ 4 
11. Wave form distortion (%): ≤ 5

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