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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

 The using status of 1 diesel engine
Before a failure of any noise? Is a load or light load operation? Acceleration or deceleration operation of oil or water temperature? Are there any changes?
At that time, whether there is dust or abnormal weather conditions of flue gas? How much? Wind?
Then how the road grade? How fault first perceive? Oil, fuel, coolant consumption much? What has changed recently? Smoke?
Diesel engine solar term door response is a sensitive reduction is normal?? stop whether satisfying? Low temperature start whether satisfying? Have stalled or misfire?
What type of fuel is used? How to level and source of fuel? Idle or running at full speed will surge? Can make long idle running?
2 repair diesel generator history
Diesel engine whether recently repaired? What kind of repair?
It happened before this fault? The last adjustment is in what time? What is the last time replaced oil and fuel filters?
Repair system are strictly? How to obtain and store fuel: repair type and the lubricating oil level how?
The operation of the diesel engine km h how much or how much? Who is to repair and adjust?
The replacement of oil filter, filter test of full flow oil filter? Any metal impurities?
Results of the 3 generating units of observation
Diesel engine clean or dirty? How the belt tightness? Leakage phenomenon outside has no oil, fuel or water? Overheated?
Diesel engine has not made the temporary repair (parts not fastening parts damaged, etc.).
Idling diesel to machine voice? Pulley any wobbling? Recently, repair or replace any parts?
There are all belong to the diesel engine or the non-standard diesel engine parts? There are no bad pipe?
Oil, water and fuel oil surface height satisfying it
During disassembly, the diesel engine has no peculiar smell, carbon deposition and sludge? Rocker cover without other adverse situation?
4 began testing diesel generating set former mechanic to consider the question
Simply asking for and understanding of the situation, generating units can not solve any problems. Therefore, in the inspection before must understand and fault related conditions, see interdependence relationship of each topic, can make judgment.
The use of all available with the existing testing instruments, the process of thinking (thinking) is helpful, but not always want to use.
The mechanic must be familiar with diesel sail model, equipment model and control knowledge. Diesel engine equipment, such as a torque converter, cooler and stepless speed regulator must be considered.
Most users of diesel engine brought unnecessary downtime and premature demolition of the loss are disgusted, so attention should be paid to in a planned and targeted testing, and make each inspection can thoroughly and success. Generator
Because the diesel engine of any parts out of the question, may affect the whole operation of generating units, so you must have rich experience to identify the diesel engine, important conditions of troubleshooting is used successfully on diesel you grasp the machine and parts operation of knowledge to solve the generator fault problem and this is a kind of intelligence operation.
Finding and troubleshooting to some examination, it is not difficult to do, check the income data must be related with fault. Can't say your eyes this generator set out the same fault and last week of a diesel engine, the fault reasons of the same thought.

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