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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

A type of diesel generator set of captive power AC power supply device, a generating device of small independent, driven by an internal combustion engine, driving synchronous AC generator and power generation.

Modern diesel generating set comprises a diesel engine, the control box of a three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, (screen), the cooling water tank, coupling, fuel tank, muffler and the common base and other components of the overall steel. Axial flywheel shell and the front end cover of the generator diesel engine using convex shoulder is positioned directly connected together, and the use of cylindrical elastic coupling from the flywheel direct drive generators to rotate, the way of connection is fixed by the bolt together, so that the two are connected into a steel body, ensure the crankshaft of diesel engine and generator rotor concentric in the specified range.

Diesel generator set is composed of internal combustion engine and synchronous generator which is formed by the combination of internal combustion engine, the maximum power of the mechanical load and thermal load limit parts, called the rated power, rated power AC synchronous generator refers to the rated speed, long continuous operation, rated power output, usually between the rated power of diesel engine engine rated power output with synchronous AC generator output, called the matching ratio.

Diesel generator set

1 Overview

Diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, means the diesel fuel, diesel powered machinery prime mover driven generator. General from diesel engine, diesel generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. Integral can be fixed on the foundation, location, can be installed in the trailer, for mobile use.
Diesel generator is a continuous operation of power generation equipment, if the continuous operation of more than 12h, the output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%.

Although the diesel generator power is low, but because of its small size, flexible, lightweight, matching complete, convenient operation and maintenance, and is widely used in mining, railway, field construction sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments, as a backup power source or a temporary power supply. In recent years the development of new unmanned automatic emergency power station, further expand the range of use of the generating unit.

At present, our country has the ability to export production factory has more than 10 Tianjin power equipment factory. Products are exported to African Eurasian dozens of countries and regions, well received.

2 classification and specifications

Diesel generator set is classified to the output power of the generator size, unit energy from a variety of specifications for 10kW-750kW. Each specification is divided into the protection type (with super speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure protection device), emergency and mobile station type several structure. The mobile station is divided again for the speed to match the high-speed off-road type and vehicle speed and low speed normal mobile type.

3 order matters needing attention

Export inspection of diesel generator is tested according to the provisions of the contract or the technical protocol related technical or economic indicators, the user in the selection and contract, should pay attention to the following points:
(1) if the calibration conditions of use and diesel generating set value between environmental conditions, should indicate the temperature, humidity and altitude value at the time of signing, to provide suitable models and ancillary equipment;
(2) illustrate the use of the cooling means, especially the large capacity units, more attention should be paid to;
(3) the order, except should describe the unit models, also shows what type;
(4) diesel generator voltage regulation rate respectively, rated voltage 1%, 2%, 2.5%. What, should note;
(5) the normal supply, wearing parts, to provide a certain amount of otherwise need, also should note.

4 test items and method

Diesel generating sets of complete sets of products, including diesel engine, generator, control components, protective device. The inspection of export products, including the following:
(1) product technology, test data review;
(2) the product specifications, types, main structure dimensions;
(3) the overall product appearance quality;
(4) the unit performance: the main technical parameters, operation adaptability, reliability of all kinds of automatic protection device, sensitivity;
(5) other items specified in the contract or agreement.

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