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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

1 Introduction
The electronic governor is one of the key parts of diesel engine, and the load performance of diesel engine when the actual change and does not match the design parameters and the governor, diesel generator set can't work properly, then the need to modify the control parameters of speed governor. In addition, electronic governor are required for performance tests at the factory before and after repair, to set the proper control parameters meet the regulation performance. Parameter directly electronic governor on diesel engine tuning, performance test, after the repair performance recovery is not safe, and not economic. Semi physical simulation is carried out before the actual experiments with the engine speed governor of an indispensable link, its engineering way of thinking is to establish full operating range dynamic simulation model of diesel engine generator set, is connected through the input and output interface circuit and electronic speed governor to form a closed loop control system, from the relevant test and the completion of the electronic governor.
The simulation model of diesel generator set up is the strengths of Simulink. The semi physical simulation system need to be connected to specific hardware equipment, simulation programs need to customize the man-machine interface to realize the parameter settings and other functions, to achieve this function for Simulink is difficult to achieve, and this is precisely the strengths of Visual C++ (VC). VC visual C++ programming environment has strong control function and flexible hardware rich man-machine interface design function. But directly using VC to establish simulation model of diesel generator set is very difficult.
This paper provides a method from the Simulink simulation model to smooth the transition to the Visual C++ integrated development environment. The specific implementation is to establish simulation model of diesel generator set in Simulink, and then through the Matlab real time workshop (RTW) Simulink simulation model is transformed into a portable embedded C++ code, finally and Visual C++ project file was used to integrate the independent operation of real-time semi physical simulation system.
Construction and semi physical simulation system structure of 2 diesel generator model
Modeling of diesel engine in general there are 2 ways, one is the mathematical mechanism modeling, one is the experimental identification modeling. Starting with the mathematical mechanism modeling mainly original characteristics and structural parameters from the parts of the diesel engine, establish the mechanism model based on the modeling of kinetics and thermodynamics relation equation workload, calculation is complex and bring certain difficulty to model. Experimental identification modeling is based on the diesel engine bench test data, the establishment of a mathematical model of diesel engine with different mathematical fitting method of. Research of electronic speed governor for parameter tuning and matching tests, here the relationship concerned about performance parameters of diesel machine outside, can not consider the thermal process of diesel engine internal. As long as the simulation of diesel generator model to simulate diesel engine and its load characteristics, test results can accurately reflect the actual machine with electronic governor performance.
Therefore the selection of test identification modeling method to establish the model of diesel generator using BP neural network. As shown in figure 1. MTU396 control of semi physical simulation system of diesel generator set speed of input and output signal, there are 3 main types of:
(1) pulse width modulation (PWM) signal, namely actuator rack drive signal;
(2) the frequency signal, namely simulated diesel speed pulse signal;
(3) the switch signal, that is, all kinds of electronic governor control signal, such as start and stop, growth speed control.

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