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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

1 Introduction
Electronic fuel injection EFI technology is technology supply fuel system of an internal combustion engine, in order to strictly control the car gas exhaust serious pollution to the environment, the requirements of the gasoline engine for automobiles must implement EFI technology, non access measures against the non EFI car.
Because of the particularity of the diesel engine fuel supply system, namely the fuel in the cylinder is taken to supply high pressure (10 ~ 120MPa) injection way, technology change the original way of oil and petrol engine is difficult compared to. In fact, diesel pollution than gasoline engine is sometimes more serious, especially the smoke, carbon oxygen compounds.
Diesel generator diesel engine only has the stable operation speed, good dynamic performance, can output high quality electricity, automation and with speed adjustment, can we truly achieve the preparation (main) power automation, intelligent. Therefore the diesel engine matching of diesel generator in recent years have been part of realization of the electronic speed control, but control measures of environmental pollution attempt nothing and accomplish nothing.
EFI technology 2 EFI diesel engine
Diesel engine power is the vehicle, ship and engineering machinery product variant of the diesel engine, the influence and development of electronic control technology must be the main products. Into the late twentieth Century, due to diesel exhaust emission regulations and gasoline as the increasingly strict, at the same time to improve the fuel economy requirements are further enhanced, based on gasoline engine electronic control technology rapid development, some developed countries began to control the electronic injection technology -- are the research and development of the diesel engine, and initially put into use. The electronic injection technology and electronic control technology not only has the same point (i.e., the control of diesel engine fuel injection quantity), but also has the basic difference, namely electronic injection also has useful electrical signal control injection time, injection pressure, the complete abolition of mechanical structure in the fuel system.
Electronic controlled diesel injection system developed in twentieth Century 90 in the following two forms:
One is Bosch electronically controlled common rail injection system of diesel engine. Its characteristic is to have a public high-pressure rail system, with high pressure (or: pressure) oil pump to the fuel rail in pump oil, oil rail to adjust pressure in the electromagnetic valve. High pressure (or pressure) of diesel oil by public rail respectively leading to each cylinder injector, solenoid valve injector by loading in the internal control of injection quantity and injection timing, injection pressure or direct decision; in common rail pressure, or by the booster piston of injector in fuel rail come from: fuel oil booster. Electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system can control the fuel injection quantity, injection timing, injection pressure, injection rate, oil, and can achieve high pressure jet meet emissions requirements. At the same time, the use of fuel injection system of diesel engine used in traditional high pressure oil pump of a high-pressure oil pipe of a fuel injector when small structural changes.
Two is company Perkins electronic controlled common rail injection system of diesel engine, it is in the improvement of Bosch company on the basis of EFI system. The system without high pressure pump, EFI system mainly by the electronic control module (ECM), pressure lubricating oil supply pump, injection pressure regulating valve, injector etc.. The sensor includes a crankshaft position sensor (CMP), the boost pressure sensor (MAP), fuel injection pressure control sensor (1CP), lubricating oil and humidity sensor (EOT), a water temperature sensor (CET), an oil pressure sensor (EOP). In the system the fuel flow as shown in Figure 1, the fuel through the filter, pump (low pressure), the fuel collection pipe to the fuel injector. In the fuel system, high pressure fuel flow, cancelled the high-pressure tubing, this prevents the diesel elastic compressibility and tubing formation pressure fluctuation in oil pipe, may cause the needle valve has closed re opened, have two times of injection of abnormal combustion, the combustion is not complete.
3 EFI diesel generator set
The system has been applied to Wilson 1300 series diesel generator in Perkins electronic controlled common rail diesel injection, 1300 series diesel engine for basic parameters: the cylinder diameter / stroke 116.6mm / 135.5mm, 15.9:1 compression ratio, cylinder number is 6, the power range from 145kW to 230kW 5 grades.
Because the ECM system of the series of EFI diesel generating units accounted for mechanical (or electronic) governor compared with the signal input, the more so, fuel supply and injection time can control the best, especially in strict conformity with the new international standards on emissions and noise unit; with time group start, black smoke significantly reduced load deflagration noise is reduced; at the same time, increased 3% year-on-year power, fuel consumption rate dropped 8%; has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation. On the other hand, the ECM control system of EFI diesel generating set and realize intelligent diesel engine fuel supply system. Will the letter 1300 EFI diesel generator with a self-test function button and the indicator light and the running status of flash code display system, which makes the EFI system has 145 fault display content; and has a speed monitoring interface, speed can be set and adjusted in a certain range, and has strong applicability.
4 Conclusion
EFI diesel generating set, change the original generator control category, the start of diesel generator unit to the green strides, because of the development in modern society, people have pay attention to the environmental influence on the sustainable development of society and economy, has been attached great importance to transportation, especially gasoline engine car pollution control, emphasizes the necessary electronic injection control of the engine, so the coercive spread. I believe in the near future, the popularization of electronic diesel fuel injection technology for the day is not far, widespread application of EFI diesel generator unit will cause extensive attention.

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