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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

 Diesel driven generator, diesel energy into electrical energy, D in diesel engine cylinder, filtered by the air filter and clean air and a high-pressure spray nozzle atomization of diesel are fully mixed, in the piston upward pressure, reduced volume, temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of diesel. Diesel fuel is ignited, mixed gas burning, the rapid expansion of the volume, to promote the piston downward, known as the 'work'. Each cylinder according to a certain sequence of work, on the piston thrust through the connecting rod to drive the crankshaft strength, so as to drive the crankshaft.
The brushless synchronous AC generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, can the rotor to rotate and drive the generator to use diesel engine, using the 'induction' principle, the generator will output the induced electromotive force generated currents, the closure of the load circuit can.
Diesel generator set is a power generating device independent, means the diesel fuel, diesel powered machinery prime mover driven generator. Whole unit generally diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. Integral can be fixed on the foundation, location, can be installed in the trailer, for mobile use. Diesel generator is a continuous operation of power generation equipment, if the continuous operation of more than 12h, the output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%. Although the diesel generator power is low, but because of its small size, flexible, lightweight, matching complete, convenient operation and maintenance, and is widely used in mining, railway, field construction sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments, as a backup power source or a temporary power supply. At the same time, this kind of small generating units can also be used as a mobile power station of small, as many enterprises use the backup power supply.
Diesel engine of diesel generator set is generally single cylinder or multi cylinder four stroke, the basic working principle of below about single cylinder four stroke diesel engine: diesel engine start is through human or other power rotation of diesel engine crankshaft cause the piston to do reciprocating movement up and down in the cylinder top sealed in. The completion of the four stroke piston in motion: the intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and power stroke and exhaust stroke (expansion). When the piston is composed of an upper moves down the intake valve opens, the air cleaner filtered fresh air into the cylinder to achieve the intake stroke. The piston to move up and down, into the exhaust valve are closed, the air is compressed, high temperature and pressure, completes the compression process. The piston will reach the peak, the fuel injectors mix the filtered fuel to spray into the combustion chamber with high temperature and high pressure air immediately self ignition, high pressure to push the piston formed down work, promote the crankshaft rotation, complete the power stroke.
Description: manual operation of diesel generator set
1, manual start diesel generating set should be checked before the fuel, oil, cooling water is adequate. Timely supplements insufficient. Unit should be no oil spills, Water Leakage phenomenon.
2, it should be automatic diesel generator automatic controller button dial to the middle position. The key to open the starting circuit, the right to continue to twist the key to start the engine, after a successful start-up, the keys back to the charging position.
3, and diesel generator shutdown, the key must be promptly reversed in the middle. 7 W; R3 C E (B _!
Description: automatic operation of diesel generator set
1, in normal circumstances, the automatic control of the automatic controller button to dial up to "automatic". This ban manually start the engine. When the city electricity power failure, can automatically start diesel generating set, and by the ATS switch automatically to power grid. 'y$A0 z$C& B F;}8 M' I1 K$Z
In 2, diesel generating sets start automatically after the operation, should inform the key switch to charging position. % R8 W, y D3 `1 G+ n# R;
3, the utility after unit can automatically stop. After the shutdown will be key to switch to the middle position, to prevent the battery power down, the influence is used next time. 7 f% X1 E "U (P, Q3 Z
Description: maintenance of diesel generator set 4 W "L9 w# \3 l N0 K8! O!
1, diesel generating set at 60 hours after operation to replace the oil, clean the fuel filter, air filter. Should always check the battery electrolyte, insufficient should be added. (
3, should always check the belt tightness, adjusting tensioning mechanism, maintain the tension state. $E'_ (w/ Q& w. H
4, the cold season should get the water heating and heating oil switch, enables the unit to maintain a certain temperature, to ensure that the diesel generating set to normal use.
Diesel engine combustion process of 6 R'
~1. J1 ~ diesel in cylinder combustion is a physical and chemical change of complex process, improve the degree of combustion process, directly affects the work ability, thermal efficiency and the use of the term for diesel engine, the combustion process is divided into four stages: 2]4 N2 Y$o* E? #
The 1 combustion preparation stage (ignition delay)
From the fuel is sprayed into the fire started during this period as the combustion stage of preparation. At this stage, the fuel need heating, evaporation, diffusion and preparation process and air mixing and other physical, chemical oxidation and decomposition, etc. the preparation process.
This phase 2, quick burning stage from the fire began to appear when the cylinder maximum pressure check. When a small amount of burning diesel oil, combustible gas mixture population continues to increase the fire quickly spread, burning speed, high heat release rate. In cylinder pressure and temperature rise sharply. But the pressure rise too quickly, will make the crank connecting rod mechanism under shock load greatly, and accompanied by a sharp percussion sound, diesel knock, the

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