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A comprehensive analysis of the development of our country diesel genset industry problems

One, the automatic state
1, keep the battery starter motor to start voltage.
2, keep the radiator cooling water level is normal, the circulating water valve is normally open.
3, crankcase oil level dipstick line keep in the range of + - 2cm in.
4, oil quantity in more than half of the fuel supply valve, normally open.
-- stop running 5, generator control panel "-- Automatic" switch on "automatic" location.
6, unit distribution screen mode switch in the "automatic" location.
7, the radiator fan switch on "automatic" location.
Starting 8, unit received city electric signal of pressure loss, confirm the city electricity voltage loss, incision conversion cabinet city electric switch cabinet, power conversion switch is closed, the boot room inlet and an exhaust fan.
Two, manual start
1, the indoor temperature is lower than 20 DEG C, open the electric heater to preheat machine.
2, check the body and the periphery has no hinder the operation of the debris, if there should be timely cleared.
3, check the crankcase oil level, oil box level, water radiator. If the oil level level is lower than the prescribed value, should be added to the normal position.
4, check the fuel supply valve and cooling water stop valve is in the open position.
5, check the battery voltage electric starting is normal.
Test button 6, test power distribution panels, observe the alarm indicator lamp has not connected to shine.
7, check the distribution panel switch is placed off position, the instrument indication is zero.
8, start the air inlet and exhaust fan.
9, press the engine start button, the startup operation. Such as the first starting failure, can press the power distribution panel corresponding reset button, to eliminate the alarm unit, return to normal condition can be second times to start. After starting the machine running sound normal, cooling water pump operation indicator lamps and instrumentation indicating normal, startup success.
Three, manual operation of parallel power supply
1, stay and car generator oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure to normal value, the normal operation.
Consistent numerical and busbar output 2, and car generator voltage and frequency on the.
3, the synchronizer handle to car generator and playing in the 'on' position.
4, check the synchronization indicator lights and pointer.
Indicating lamp 5, check the synchronization indicator, completely extinguished or pointer rotation to zero, you can play and electrically closing switch.
6, set to enter and vehicle operation, then the synchronization device handle cycles in the "off" position.
7, if the synchronizer after closing, the synchronizer pointer rotates too quickly or anti clockwise, and the car is not allowed, otherwise, will cause the closing failure.
8, the manual car after the success of low voltage power distribution room should be contacted immediately implement the general distribution screen feeder switch can switch on power line after the operation.
In four, operation safety management
1, in accordance with the provisions of the indicating time check instrument, pay attention to the lubricating oil pressure, water temperature and whether the changes. Lubricating oil pressure shall not be less than 150kPa, the cooling water temperature is 95 degrees centigrade. 2, check the crankcase oil level, oil box level, radiator water level, lower than the normal position should be added.
3, the industrious observation distribution screen of each instrument and alarm indicating lamp is normal. All the red light indicates that there is fault, the green light for the normal operation of the indicating lamp.
4, check whether the normal charging charger.
Each part of operation 5, listening to the sound of the machine is normal.
6, hand mould shell, bearing parts of the casing, tubing, pipe, feel the temperature is normal.
7, pay attention to the machine or electric equipment is there burnt taste.
8, found to have adverse situation, should immediately solve; serious should stop processing.
Stop 9, where fault, must have the fault is eliminated, and then press the unit repeated hand button, then the operation can be set square.
10, the operating parameters of the record, each class of not less than two times. 

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